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Golodomor of 1932 - 1933

Kharkiv oblast

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Выставка «Джеймс Мейс — сердце, преданное Украине»

Харьков. День памяти жертв Голодомора

Виставка «Голодомор 1932-1933 років - геноцид українського народу»


The truth and the conscience

It took more than half a century for Ukraine to break a shameful taboo of concealing Golodomor of 1932 – 1933, artificially provoked by Stalin totalitarian regime.
But any regime, any taciturn politicians are unable to discolor the Truth and restrain the Conscience.
Historical Truth and people’s Conscience have prevailed.
Now almost all over the world have officially joined to commemoration of millions of innocent victims memory. The general conference of UNESCO adopted a resolution “About the perpetuation of memory of Golodomor victims” and appealed to world community for including of the information about Golodomor into enlightening and scientific-research programs in order the next generations to learn the lessons of this tragic history page.
We have proved to the world this tragedy was not only Ukrainian national tragedy but also a tragical page of world history that should be honoured and world-wide known.
It’s a great achievement for contemporary Ukrainian society!
Dedicated to Golodomor of 1932 – 1933 in Kharkov oblast Internet portal is an exceptionally important and relevant project. Kharkov in particular became an infamous capital of repressions and malicious insults to farmers. Exactly Kharkov oblast had suffered from Golodomor most of all, when whole villages disappeared from the map, when the living failed to bury the dead…
People should to know the Truth!
I’m very grateful to all Kharkov people who took part in the realization of this project.
It is satiated with not only archival documents but also with spirituality.
It is essential for our contemporaries as well as for the youth.
It to impels not only to know but to Remember history.
People who created this project, you have lighted one more candle in the memory of Golodomor of 1932 – 1933 victims.


The President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko


© Golodomor of 1932-1933. Kharkov region
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