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1A resolution of the bureau of Izyum okrug committee of C.P.(B.)U. concerning the organization of several show trials on kulaks. From the minutes 45.
2An application of a 97-year-old resident of the khutor Novoandriyivka Z. Shelest to Andriyivka district executive committee of Izyum okrug about the illegal dispossession of his household notwithstanding his payment of all taxes, his age and working biography.
3A new law about agricultural tax for 1930 1931 which set the order of prosperous and kulak households taxation for 1930 1931.
4An obligatory resolution of Lyptsy district executive committee of Kharkiv okrug about prohibition for kulaks households to squander their property without a permission from village soviets to migrate to another locality, registering by village soviets of all kulaks property without exception.
5The minutes of the general meeting of Rubanyvka KNSs members (KNS Komitet nezamozhnukh selyan, committee of non-wealthy peasants) and the unorganized poor of Rubanyvka village in Valky district of Kharkiv oblast about dispossession of kulaks F. Kostruka, M. Trokhymenko, A. Oberemko, G. Melnykova.
6A resolution of the secretariat of Kharkiv okrug executive committee About fighting against street begging in Kharkiv city concerning actions in the connection with lately appearing of a great quantity of beggars in the streets of Kharkiv city: their individual registering, deportation of all arrived beggars to their homeland with the help of militia, working out of the proposals about administrative measures for the professional beggars from prosperous circles of the population and others. An extract from the minutes 27.
7A dispositive letter from the head of Zolochiv district executive committee to all village soviets about setting (from the 1st of February of 1930 by an order from the trade department of Kharkiv okrug executive committee) of differentiated norms for sugar providing to working population by categories, categorical ban on their increase and selling of sugar to nepmen and kulaks.
8The minutes 38/7 of a session of the presidium of Kolomak district executive committee concerning preparations for spring sowing campaign, murder of party member Solonetska during seed-stock mobilization campaign with a demand from a court of the utmost social protection measure shooting of this kulak and his participants, and also about the consequences of soviet machine purge and approval of a resolution of SOZes (agricultural association), KNS (committee of non-wealthy peasants) and Kolomak village soviet about kulak households liquidation.
9The minutes of a general meeting of KNS members and unorganized poors of Petrivske village soviet of Andriyivka district of Izyum okrug about class struggle in the country.
10A secret report from Zolochiv village kulaks eviction commission to a head of an operation group after Zolochiv district concerning the results of an operation for the arrest of kulaks and members of their families, moods in the surroundings of country masses and behaviour of the arrested and also willingness of the commission to use 60 armed activists for the suppression of possible actions in the village of Zolochiv and to send them, in case of need, to other places to the help for the operation group.
11An application of M. Lysyanska, a resident of the village of Zolochiv of Kharkiv okrug, to Zolochiv village soviet with a request to divorce her from her husband inscribed in the lists for deportation beyond the bounds of Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic motivated by a reason that she is descended from a work-hand family and had married Lysyanskiy in the hope to improve her financial position and now she wants to return to the surroundings where she had spent the most part of her life and will once and for all break off all relations with him as a person socially foster to her.
12A plan of kulak households eviction from the village of Zolochiv of Kharkiv okrug.
13The lists of the dispossessed in village soviets of Andriyivka district, drawn up for their deportation beyond the district bounds.
14A subscription by a resident of Zolochiv village of Kharkiv okrug K. Kovalenko about that she, in accordance with an obligatory resolution of Kharkiv oblast executive committee from February 5, 1930 13, has no right to leave the bounds of village soviet.
15A tally sheet for the land and property confiscated from kulak households after Zolochiv village soviet and also their distribution.
16An application of a former landowner M. Berezovska, a resident of the village of Novo-Mykolayivka of Rakivka district of Kupyansk okrug, to Kupyansk okrug public prosecutor concerning the setting for her of an excessive agricultural tax without taking into account the real land quantity and dispossession because of its non-fulfillment with a request to return at least anything for food.
17An information from Rakivka district executive committee to Kupyansk okrug executive committee with a statement that the district executive committee considers rightful the dispossession of M. Berezovska who reacted to the actions of soviet power with hostility.
18An application of A. Kravchenko, son of a dispossessed, to Zolochiv village soviet with a request to give him a note for employment to (while the question of the returning of suffrage to his father will be settling) have at least a piece of bread.
19A letter from the head of Kharkiv okrug executive committee to the heads of all district executive committees, okrug health department and okrug land department about the very bad state of proving foodstuff for the hospitals, schools, children institutions and country intelligentsia, through what patients and children hunger, and teachers, doctors, agronomists retire and leave the city, with a request to improve the supply of the categories mentioned.
20An extract from the minutes 37 of a session of the presidium of Lemishy village soviet of Zolochiv district of Kharkiv okrug concerning the application to Zolochiv district executive committee about issuing of a permit to leave in the district before new harvest 150 pouds of oats left after sowing for the feeding of 79 families from poor average peasant households who have no possibility and means to buy bread, with a categorical resolution to deliver this grain immediately.
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